Monday: Outfit of the Day


So while this blog is primarily focused on my experience at HOMTV as well as other miscellaneous topics I choose to write about, I am going to incorporate some #OOTD into as well.

This outfit of the day (ignore me not wearing shoes, lol) is a floral shirt from Express and black legging dress pants from New York and Company.

I haven’t really worn a shirt this “loud” before, but, as I strive to move outside of my comfort zone and received second opinions I decided to give it a try.

The shirt was $60, which, is expensive to me for a shirt, but, it’s a nice quality and something I can both wear for work or for a night out with my girl friends.

The pants were $60 as well. Again, while a part of me thinks the pants are a tad on the expensive side, I was and am willing to splurge on dress pants as I think they are a NECESSARY staple to my work wardrobe. Now I chose this particular style of dress pant because I love a skinny leg opening pant. Of course I didn’t actually start wearing skinny jeans until college (I believe–don’t recall wearing them in high school), but, once I tried a pair on I fell in love. Now when it comes to dress pants and an outfit in general, I say go with what you feel the most comfortable in. I myself like to dress in what’s comfortable, but also cute, and in style*. (At least, somewhat in style. I’m not sure how on trend this outfit in general is, but, the shirts and pants separately I would definitely say are “in” season right now.) I personally love a skinny pant because I love wearing boots and they never look bad with a skinny pant. Or, even heels, because who doesn’t love heels? (Okay, so they can be painful but now when it comes to shoes, I say style over comfort, LOL) But again, dress in whatever makes YOU shine and feel comfortable and fashion-savvy.

So total this outfit was $120, plus tax. But, again, totally worth it. Plus, while shopping, the pants were on special–buy one pair get the second for some* [cheaper] price (can’t remember now), and the shirt was part of buy one, get one 50% off.

Now I typically wear jewelry in my everyday life, whether it’s for work or not, but. today I decided to now wear jewelry as I felt the shirt spoke for itself and was, again, “loud” enough–it made a big enough statement on its own–to not warrant any jewelry.

I did however (and it may be hard to tell in the picture–the lighting in my room where my mirror is isn’t the greatest) wear a pink lipstick to match the pink on my shirt. Now I am the type of person who likes to be matchy-matchy and not everyone is like that and that’s okay. It’s just a personal preference of mine. Now I won’t necessarily match all the time–or, at least I try not to, but sometimes it just happens naturally. This lipstick I purchased from Ulta for $7.99* (I believe) and the brand is Loreal Paris, color: Pink Flamingo – 180.




image1 (2)
Loreal Paris Pink Flamingo lipstick, $7.99 []

So there you have it.

My outfit of the day for this Monday.

Until next time…



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